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Vertical Set-Paks


Vertical Set Paks
Vertical Set-Paks

VS – Product Media

Vertical Set-Paks Vertical Set-Paks Tool Set Presentation Tube Cutting Tool Presentation Kits Plastic Tube Set Packaging
  • Material: PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
  • Perfect Solution for Promotional Items, Kits or Tool Sets
  • Great Visual Impact
  • Standard or Custom Foam Inserts Available
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Size Chart Tool Set Presentation Tube


VS Size Chart

Reference # Description Inside Diam.
Inside Height
Outside Height
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VS45095 Vertical Set-Paks - 1-3/4X2-1/8X3-3/4 (45X095MM) VERTICAL SET PAK 45.0 55.0 95.0
VS65075 Cutting Tool Presentation Kits - 2-1/2X2X3 (65x075MM) VERTICAL SET PAK 65.0 50.0 75.0
VS65090 Tool Set Presentation Tube - 2-1/2X2X3-1/2 (65X090MM) VERTICAL SET PAK 65.0 50.0 90.0
VS65110 Plastic Tube Set Packaging - 2-1/2X2X4-3/8 (65X110MM) VERTICAL SET PAK 65.0 50.0 110.0
VS65130 Vertical Set Paks - 2-1/2X2X5-1/8 (65X130MM) VERTICAL SET PAK 65.0 50.0 130.0
VS65135 Plastic Tube Set Packaging - 2-1/2X3X5-3/8 (65X135MM) VERTICAL SET PAK 65.0 75.0 135.0
VS65155 Cutting Tool Presentation Kits - 2-1/2X3X6 (65X155MM) VERTICAL SET PAK 65.0 75.0 155.0

Vertical Set-Paks - Information

Vertical Set Paks offer high quality presentation packaging for sets of tools, instruments, precision test equipment, promotional items and any other item that requires an attractive looking vertical presentation.

Custom cut foam inserts securely hold the items vertically inside the cylinder cover to make a great visual impact. The attractive retail friendly Pak is ideal for vertical sets of tools, display samples, promotional items, hobby, craft and stationary products.

Vertical Set Paks are re-useable and offer a secure threaded closure, an assortment of cover heights, custom cut foam inserts, and optional printed base for logo promotion.

Vertical Set Pak bases are available in standard colours of Blue and Black with clear PVC cover. Additional base colours available.

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