Hanging Tubes & Flat Sealed Tubes

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Hanging Tubes & Flat Sealed Tubes


Transparent Plastic Hanging Tubes
Hanging Tubes & Flat Sealed Tubes

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Hanging Tubes & Flat Sealed Tubes Hanging Plastic Tubes Hanging Plastic Tubes with Crimped Bottom Hanging Plastic Tubes and Containers Transparent Plastic Hanging Tubes See-through hanging retail packaging Hanging See-through Packaging with Sealed End Hanging Tubes
  • Material: PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)
  • Can be produced with or without a hole punch for hanging
  • Unique Design
  • Extruded and cut to the length you require for your application
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Size Chart Hanging Tubes


CHT Size Chart

Nominal Size
Inside Diameter
Wall Thickness
Sealed Only
Sealed & Die Cut
With Round Hole
With Euro Slot
6.4 7.6 0.3 8.2 *
9.5 10.7 0.3 11.3 *
12.7 13.9 0.3 14.5 *
15.9 18.1 0.3 18.7 *
19.1 20.5 0.3 21.1 *
22.2 23.9 0.3 24.5 *
25.4 27.9 0.3 28.5 *
31.8 34.6 0.3 35.2 *
38.1 41.8 0.3 42.4 *
44.5 46.2 0.3 46.8 *
50.8 52.6 0.4 53.3 *
* Specify length when ordering.
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Our clear plastic hanging tubes are the solution to your retail display problems. Our flat sealed hanging tubes create compelling displays, allowing the customer complete view while keeping the product protected.
Easy to insert and remove, our inner-fit poly plugs are the suggested closures for our clear plastic hanging tubes. They are stocked in red, black & natural colours.

Hanging Tubes & Flat Sealed Tubes - Information

Our hanging tubes are ready for your retail packaging challenge. A novel, built-in hanger allows your product to hang on a peg hook, while requiring only one closure. Attractive and durable, these hanging tubes are available in a total of eleven diameters, manufactured to your specified length, with either a round or euroslot punch.
These plastic tubes are also available with a flat seal only or a die cut flat seal without hole-punch for countertop displays or other non-hanging applications.
Our clear Hanging tubes & Flat Sealed tubes are:
  • Extruded and cut to the length you require for your application
  • Available in eleven diameters
  • Available with or without a hole punch for hanging
In addition to our plastic hanging tubes, ClearTec Packaging also offers thin wall tube packaging, heavy wall tubes, sealed bottom containers and mailing tubes.
Contact Cleartec Packaging for more information on our clear plastic tubes.


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